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What is cryotherapy?

Your body is exposed to a temperature of as low as -240°F. It takes no more than 3 minutes, but the effect can be life changing. The cold stimulus activates physiological processes in the body. Viruses are combated, blood circulation is stimulated and both your immune system and metabolism get a boost. Your whole body scans itself for poorly functioning parts and heals itself rapidly.


When will I benefit from cryotherapy?

The treatment can be used as a supporting therapy and has been proven to be effective in remedying (chronic) pain, itchiness, inflammation and sports injuries. Whole Body Cryotherapy also works as an effective rejuvenation tool. Overseas, the use of cryotherapy for recovery post surgery is very common. It accelerates the healing process, and reduces pain, without the often adverse side effects of many medications. Professional athletes frequently recover faster and perform better when cryotherapy is applied.


How does cryotherapy work?

You step into the chamber with minimal clothing (slippers, socks, gloves and undergarments). The chamber drops to as low as -240˚F, which lowers your outer surface skin temperature to almost freezing. This is the cue for the receptors in the skin (nerve endings) to start sending signals to the central nervous system, telling it that the body is in critical danger.

Your body will immediately activate all kinds of processes. Your blood circulation will improve, and the production of serotonin and endorphins (natural painkillers and feel-good substances) and natural anti-inflammatories will be set into motion. Toxins and metabolism residues are immediately disposed of by the stronger flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. The body scans itself for poorly functioning parts, which are healed. This means the body activates itself, and sets recovery procedures into motion.


Is it a safe therapy?

Cryotherapy has been safely used for over 30 years. Always follow the instructions when undergoing the therapy: make sure you are completely dry when you step into the chamber (no wet socks or clothing), and cover sensitive body parts with gloves, undergarments and socks or slippers.
Ensure no metallic clothing parts touch your skin. Do not wear any jewelry or piercings during the treatment (rings, necklaces, bracelets or anklets). Also, pay close attention to the contraindications.


Will you feel extremely cold?

A temperature of as low as -240˚F seems cold. Remember, however, that the air in the chamber is extremely dry. Therefore, you do not really experience the cold as unpleasant. Additionally the process only takes 3 minutes, which is perfectly bearable for most in practice.


How many treatments should I get?

The exact number depends on your symptoms. As a standard, we use the rule of thumb that it is best to start with 10 or 20 treatments within a short period of time. This helps the body reset and readjust itself. After that, we generally recommend a few treatments per week, for maintenance. However, not everyone is the same. For example, if you are a professional athlete it can be best to come once daily, to enhance strength and endurance but also support the recovery from training.


How can it be that people also feel better mentally?

With each treatment, endorphins and serotonin are released, which are the substances that lead to us having more energy and being in a good mood. It is a feeling that can last for days.


Can I get a cold from cryotherapy?

In the extreme cold, your body temperature temporarily increases. Your immune system is stimulated. There is a good chance that you will notice that, in the future, you are much less susceptible to colds: your immune system will have been strengthened.


What can I do if I do not feel well during the treatment?

If you suddenly feel unwell while you are in the chamber, or if you start to panic, you can stop the treatment at any time by simply leaving the chamber. The doors are not locked, they are closed with magnets, and you can leave whenever you want.


Should I take a shower before or after the treatment?

Showering before the treatment is not necessary, dry skin is actually preferred. During the treatment your body stays dry, so taking a shower afterwards is not necessary either. You can get dressed straight after the treatment.


Can I work out after cryotherapy treatment?

You can certainly work out after treatment, it is actually preferable: 10 minutes of light effort after treatment stimulates your circulation. This means cryotherapy will have a longer-lasting effect.


What should I wear during the treatment?

The treatment is most effective when as much skin as possible is exposed. Only the extremities require protection.

  • Gentlemen: wear underwear/boxers… (socks, slippers and gloves will be provided by us)

  • Ladies: wear undergarments… (socks, slippers and gloves will be provided by us)


Do I need to think of anything else?

  • Please make sure no metal clothing parts can touch your skin directly.

  • Do not wear any jewellery or piercings during the treatment (rings, necklaces, bracelets or anklets).

  • You will receive a pair of gloves, slippers and socks from us.

  • Do not shower before the treatment, and take care to ensure you are properly dry before you enter the chamber.

  • Do not use any creams, lotions, perfumes or oils on the skin before the treatment.

  • What can you do to stop during the session?

If you are experiencing any pain during the session, or if you are suffering from anything else, stop the treatment immediately. You can leave the WBC chamber at any time. The doors of the chamber are closed with magnets. You can easily open these yourself. For your safety, an operator will always be assisting. You will always have eye contact, and the operator will ask whether you are feeling OK every 30 seconds.


What happens after I have checked in?

  • You will go to the changing rooms to get changed. Help yourself to a clean pair of socks, gloves, robe and slippers. Place your items in the supplied bin and place bin in storage area outside of the dressing rooms.

  • Please wear undergarments (and a top for the ladies), and socks and slippers. Be particularly careful to ensure your clothes are not wet. Wet clothes could freeze in the chamber and this may cause serious injuries.

  • The operator will advise when the chamber is ready and have you enter with your robe on.

  • Once the door is closed you will hand your robe over the top of the chamber to ensure your privacy.

  • You will maintain contact with the chamber operator the entire time. Continue to follow his or her instructions carefully.


What should I pay attention to when I’m in the chamber?

  • Avoid touching the chamber walls.

  • Pay close attention to the operator. Always follow his or her instructions.

  • The operator will indicate how much time has passed approx. every 30 seconds and also have you do slight rotations during your session.

  • The operator will also regularly ask you whether you’re still feeling OK. If so, please give the OK.

  • If at some point you do not feel well, you can immediately request the session be stopped.

What happens after the treatment?

  • When the operator informs you that the session is over, the operator will hand your robe over the top of the chamber.

  • Once your robe is on please advise and the operator will open the chamber door for you.

  • It is normal for the skin to be red just after treatment, and to feel a tingling sensation throughout the body.

  • After the session, you can take a seat in our lounge or you could also return to the changing rooms to get dressed immediately after treatment.

Will I be able to see results immediately after a Whole Body Cryo session?

You will feel good immediately after the treatment. It will seem as though you have more energy, and you actually do! During the session, endorphins and serotonin are released; these substances will cause you to feel good and energized. You may even find yourself suffering less from (muscle) pain. This varies from person to person; it also depends on your physical condition. You may also notice more flexibility. Did you come to improve your appearance? Keep in mind that a few sessions will be necessary for skin tightening, weight loss and cellulite reduction.