Video/Article: Team Tony Robins on Whole Body Cryotherapy

Elite training facilities, world-class nutritionists, cutting-edge technology. World-class athletes have access to the latest-and-greatest when it comes to performance conditioning. So it comes as no surprise that so many have made cryotherapy treatments a core component of their routine. After all, cryotherapy has been linked to increased blood circulation, an enhanced immune system, decreased fatigue, accelerated injury recovery, improved sleep patterns and even an elevated sense of cognitive abilities – benefits that could propel anyone to the next level, including Tony Robbins. Tony recently sat down with Mark Murdock, Managing Partner of CryoUSA, to discuss just why cryotherapy has become such an integral strategy for recovery, and what other cutting-edge technology is helping him stay in peak physical condition


The cryotherapy process revolves around spending 3 minutes at subzero temperatures starting at -166° F to -320° F. The body’s natural response to extreme cold is to constrict peripheral tissues and force blood to the core to protect your core temperature. Constriction is the body’s natural filtration process to remove toxins from the peripheral tissues. After the cold exposure, the body begins to send blood back to the peripheral tissues and replenish them with the return of blood flow. This is how the body allows itself to recover, not just from stress, but from everyday life. In short, it’s all about removing, replenishing and recovering.

Who uses it: Professional sports teams (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL), NCAA schools, the Nike Oregon Project on Nike campus, and the new UFC training and recovery center have all integrated cryotherapy into their conditioning practices. And celebrities like Kevin Hart, Daniel Craig and Demi Moore have been leveraging the massive benefits you can get in just minutes to take their physical bodies to the next level.

What it’s best for: Full-body recovery

Recommended frequency: Generally about 2-3 times a week

General price range: The cost is about $40 to $75 per session.

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